Solid Lotion Bars

I started making my own Beauty and Body supplies about Five years back.

I had made the connection about what you put into your body years earlier and the connections for what you put on your body were slower in coming. I had sourced alternatives in the Natural Food stores and was put off by just how pricey things were.

One day while reading a message board with like minded individuals, I stumbled across people who were using, The Oil Cleansing Method, for cleansing their faces, (Fascinating!), and things quickly progressed from there.

I mean, The Oil Cleansing Method, cost pennies and my skin had never looked better, what else could I make on my own?

After the initial outlay for ingredients, which I ordered from, Mountain Rose Herbs, my Body Butter is much more cost effective and a 1000 times better than anything else I have ever slathered over my body.

Body Butter ingredients
A partial view of my ingredients

I know what is or isn’t in it and my skin is healthy and happy. I had one friend ask me what I was doing because in her words, ‘Your skin glows!’

A batch makes enough to keep me glowing for months if I don’t gift most of it away. It’s hard not to share such a wonderful thing!

The basics are to aim for half solid butters/oils to half liquid oils and then finish with an essential oil or blend of essential oils of your choosing and get your glow on!

Don’t let my arsenal of choice hold you back. I put in every age fighting, skin nourishing oil I can find. Start simple and build a custom butter that is all about you. You will be hooked by your first slather.

I melt the solids in a makeshift double boiler and have my liquids including my essential oil blend standing by.

After the solids have melted down I put it into a ice bath, add the liquid mix and start whipping it into butter. I use my hand mixer with the whisk attachment.

After what seems like forever but is more like 20 minutes it all comes together into what looks like buttercream frosting!

I sometimes have procrastinated making the next batch because that 20 minutes of whipping feels out of reach in the midst of everything else I’m doing.

Then I came across this! Basically, you allow the mixture to cool down in the fridge until it starts to become solid and then whip it. Thanks Jillee!

I actually put the mix out on the porch being it’s still winter, while I showered and got dressed and then whipped it. Took less than five minutes!

In warmer months I will just put it into the fridge to start firming up first.

After you’re done whipping, spoon into widemouth jars and there you go. Your skin suit will never feel or look better. A little goes a long way and it melts into your skin on contact.

I store the extra jars in the fridge.

What are you waiting for? Get whipping!

* Next up: Solid Lotion Bars DIY



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