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Hello gorgeous people!

I am transitioning my site to reflect my new career as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach for anyone who wants to get their MidLife Flourish on.

I will focus on your Bio-individuality. There is no one dietary theory that works for everyone. Every body is different and even then, those needs change as life changes.


Universally, small changes can reap rewards; eating more veg and fruit, incorporating some form of exercise into your routine and paying attention to what makes your soul sing and making a place for it in your life.

MidLife doesn’t have to be a time of crisis. It’s like being a teenager again, only with all the wisdom we wished we had back then.

Are you ready to get your Flourish on and be your best self?

Then join me in dancing outside the box!

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Nettle Tea ~ All the Benefits & None of the Sting!

2013-06-24 12.05.47 pmBoy to Man Wonder was suffering horribly with allergies this year and while local honey is great for building up the immune response, it does nothing for immediate symptom relief.

So off a google-ling I went. (What did we do before the internet? Seriously!)

I found good stuff about Stinging Nettle for knocking down spring allergy symptoms in a flash and while you can wild source/forage for Nettle in most landscapes, I opted for a dried bulk source I found on Amazon. (What did we do before Amazon? Most seriously!)


This sums up Nettle and how it helps with allergy symptoms nicely;

Stinging Nettle. If you decide you need an antihistamine but want a natural option, stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) behaves in much the same way as many of the drugs sold to treat allergies, but without the unwanted side effects of dry mouth and drowsiness. Nettle actually inhibits the body’s ability to produce histamine. It’s a common weed in many parts of the United States, but the most practical medicinal form is a freeze-dried extract of the leaves sold in capsules. Studies have shown that taking about 300 milligrams daily will offer relief for most people, although the effects may last only a few hours. You also can make your own tinctures or teas with stinging nettle. (Contact with the stinging hairs on fresh nettle can cause skin inflammation, so wear protective gloves when handling it.) For more on making your own herbal remedies, see Richo Cech’s Making Plant Medicine (Horizon Herbs, 2000).

Read more:

I have been preparing a basic infusion of Nettle Tea daily for just over three weeks now and I have to say, I have been surprised and impressed by the results!


Within 24 hours, B2MW’s symptoms were knocked back from miserable to manageable. My milder symptoms improved to nearly nothing.

We drink it chilled with a couple drops of stevia. It has a mild green, earthy taste.

The allergy relief alone would have been enough but now, three weeks later, I have noticed other side benefits as well. Outwardly, most welcome side benefits!

I don’t know about you, but I only go out into the world once or twice a week. Mostly, once. So my daily beauty routine is wash, moisturizer with a bit of primer and some finishing powder to keep the shine down.

I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the effects on my face if not for noticing what had happened with my gums which had started as of late to become quite soft and saggy. Much like the rest of me.

Just a couple days ago while flossing, it was hard work getting the floss between my teeth. Prior to that, it had been easy as the loose gums were allowing for gaps between most of my teeth, especially at the gum line. I had even been using those little floss brushes because of the ever, increasing gum line gaps.

Those gaps? They are gone. Not reduced. GONE.

My gums are pink again, not red. Not bleeding and have tightened up. No sagging, no looseness.

I am beyond amazed and thrilled.

This led me to looking closer at my skin everywhere. My face is nearly line free when relaxed. The texture and tone is markedly better. Everywhere.

Morning. Washed but product free! Bed hair...

Morning. Washed but product free! Bed hair…

I wish I had before pics but since I was not expecting any of this, I don’t.

Relaxed ~ where have the lines gone!

Relaxed ~ where have the lines gone!

A couple times a month I do an exfoliating mask I make from a couple aspirin, mixed with lemon juice, honey and green clay. I am usually quite happy with how it takes some of the age off my face for a few days. I have not done one yet this month but I will be doing one today to see just how great my skin really is!

Seems Nettle is packed full of minerals including:

Calcium, magnesium, iron, B complex vitamins, C complex, vitamins A, D and K and protein, cobalt, trace minerals, potassium, zinc, copper and sulphur.

I have ordered horsetail & oat straw to add to my daily tea which is supposed to have a calming effect on the nervous system. As a woman, who doesn’t need that?!?!??

I look forward to any surprising health benefits the new blend might bring. Inside and out!

I might even look in the mirror more than twice a day now……..



Nourishment, Mortality and All That Jazz

James Gandolfini. Dead. Just like that.

It has affected so many people. He was so much larger than life to us and so it has a way of making us feel vulnerable.

For me, it was, particularly shocking. When I opened my iPad, an ABC news notice dropped in front of me announcing it and I gasped out loud and shut my iPad’s cover back down.

As if it could make it go away.

It did not and with no further information to be found, my gut told me, heart attack.

51, so young, like myself and even more so…… we were both born on September 18, 1961.

See. Vulnerable.

He was riveting in his iconic role as Tony Soprano. One thing always bothered me though and I wonder how many others thought about it as I did, listening to him deliver his lines so deftly.

It was in the way he breathed. It was always so heavy and sounded to me like a weight was on his chest. I guess there was.

Yoga mat, you are being called out of retirement. I have a lot of living left to do and I need a stronger body to support me for all those years stretched out ahead of me.

Vulnerability be damned…………………

…………………And All That Jazz.







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